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09 May 2014 56:34 459
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Do you have what it takes to start your own business? Want to learn how to deal with anxiety? Mindvalley CEO Vishen Lakhiani talks about how you can live a successful, rewarding and liberating life according to the Theory of Awesomeness.

In this inspiring presentation, Mindvalley CEO, Vishen Lakhiani, informs us that showing gratitude every day in all aspects of your life, makes things better.

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In "Afest: The Theory of Awesomeness,” Vishen Lakhiani talks about how you can change your life by developing an entrepreneur mindset and achieve happiness through meditation.

03:29 Vishen Lakhiani's background
04:37 Started Career with Commission
07:26 Moved back to Malaysia "Bad things happen for good reasons"
12:28 4 years of struggle
16:44 Two things -"Happiness right now and the vision for the future"
18:02 Third step "Stress and anxiety"
19:02 The final step "State of Flow"
27:45 How to inject happiness in your life?
34:22 Blisscipline - The discipline of bliss
37:07 Elon Musk has three companies - Space X, Tesla, Solar City
41:29 Dream big and your problems become small
46:29 What is a Framework for the balanced goal?
48:25 Twelve areas of balance
53:13 Why is Money important to you?
54:24 The secret of awesomeness

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By giving this inspirational talk, Vishen Lakhiani encourages us to meditate to develop a growth mindset that involves creative visualization.

By practicing mindfulness, you will be able to challenge the models of reality that you were brought up with and embrace reality by trusting our intuition when it comes to your long-term intentions.

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