How the Terminator 2 music was made

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This is a reworking of a video I originally uploaded in August 2018. It was by far the most popular video on my channel for the very brief period it was online. Unfortunately it got a global block from the film studio for including visual material from the film, which they're obviously entitled to do.

As a lot of work went into this video and my subscribers have quadrupled since it was last online, I was thinking of ways to remake it without any visual material from the film. I came across the idea of buying some T2 action figures and making a bunch of stills of my own. So here we are!


Here's the original video description:

I thought it would be interesting to cover off the Terminator 2 score as its creation is very specific and we can play with the exact sound sources Brad Fiedel did nearly 30 years ago.

Researched and presented by Alex Ball. Built upon discoveries and experimentation by Python Blue, as mentioned.

Fairlight CMI III demo by Mike TC of "100 things I do":

T-800 performed by David Andrew Brent:

Python Blue Links:
Python Blue:
Python Blue YouTube:
T2 Unreleased Theme Part 1:
T2 Unreleased Theme Part 2:
T2 Unreleased Theme Part 3:

Brad Fiedel:

Fairlight CMI sample and VST links:
Arturia Fairlight:

Prosonus Libraries:
Prosonus Woodwinds:
Prosonus Brass:
Prosonus Percussion:
Prosonus Prepared Piano:
Prosonus Strings:

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Python Blue sample interpolation article:


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