I Told My Bro He Was Adopted To Annoy Him But It Was True!

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Hello. I’m Emma. I have a question for you. Do you believe in white lies? The thing is, I recently messed things up, so that now I have to lie to my little brother and I’m not sure that I did everything right. Maybe you could tell me what to do.

When I was 5, my family experienced the worst thing that could ever happen with anyone in the world. We lost my little brother Anthony. I can’t say that I remember everything in detail – it's probably because, as they say, a child's memory deletes the negative stuff and everything.

But I do remember a few things: how it was hard for mom to be pregnant, for example. She was almost constantly lying in bed, be it at home, or in the hospital. Even though I was too small myself, I helped my daddy to take care of her. And then there were some complications after the baby was born. I even almost lost my mom! Oh, it’s really hard to remember everything. And then doctors said that Anthony would live no longer than one year. And we lost him after 9 months.

Oh my gosh, everyone was devastated. You can imagine how hard and unfair it seemed to us. Even though we had been sort of getting ready for his death, it still turned out to be impossible to be totally prepared. Mom couldn’t have any more children after that, but time passed and my parents agreed that it’d be still nice for me to have a little brother. So, they decided to adopt a child when I turned about 7 years old, and this is actually where the whole story begins.

Ricky – that’s the name of my new brother – was only 2 years old when my parents took him in to our home from an orphanage. And from the very moment I saw him, I knew that something was wrong with that kid. I mean, he didn’t like me at all, and he was always trying to hurt me when nobody was looking at him. For example, he poked me in the eye, with his finger, or tried to pull my hair out whenever I was next to him, or he'd try to knock over my plate whenever he could reach it. And any time I tried to complain about his behavior, mom and dad would say that I had to be more tolerant, since I was older, and stuff. That’s why the only thing that was left for me to do was to wait until he became older and assumingly, more conscious

Things didn’t change much when we grew older. Of course, he could no longer bite me or anything like that, like he used to do as a baby. But I still couldn’t get any support from my parents. They simply adored Ricky. That’s probably because he was a really good boy for them. He studied well at school, and nobody ever complained about him (except for me, as you already know). And our parents were probably thinking that this was a normal brother-and-sister relationship, like when the two of you fight and yell at each other and stuff. Or maybe they thought that I was just at an awkward age, and decided not to interfere – who knows.

I’ll give you an example, so you don't think that I am over-exaggerating things. Once, when I was 13, I guess, which means Ricky had to be about 8, this nasty kid snuck into my room while I was taking a shower. I don’t know what exactly he wanted from my laptop, but when I got back into the room, I saw him looking through my social media accounts. I started screaming something like “Mom!” and tried to catch him (and, let’s face it, I wanted to beat him).

He immediately closed my laptop and did it so hard that afterward, I could no longer turn it back on. Of course, later on he made up a story for our parents saying that he just really needed to print something out, that I was the only one who had access to the printer, that I wouldn’t let him use it, and that’s why he decided to do it secretly, blah-blah-blah. You know. Anyway, I was not only left without a computer, but I was also reprimanded by my mom and dad for “torturing my little brother,” as they put it. Can you imagine? They thought that I was freaking him out so bad, that he got really frightened when I suddenly caught him in my room.

And the other time, when I got back home after hanging out with my friends, I found Ricky and his stupid friends in my room. Imagine, they were trying on my dresses and had already ruined a bunch of my cosmetics! Aarrgh! Of course, that time he couldn’t make up any worthwhile excuse and mom grounded him, but I still thought that one week without video games was not enough. Especially, taking into account that I, later on, had to buy new cosmetics with my own pocket money.

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