"The Midway Incident" - A Star Trek Fan Production

09 Aug 2017 03:26 1
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My return to Star Trek fan films has been a long time coming, and here is my attempt at starting over. It's not as good as I'd like, but I can only get better, right? Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this!

In the 24th Century, Captain Victor Clark, sole survivor of a horrible incident which has crippled his ship, the USS Midway, and cost him the lives of his entire crew, must find a way to survive alone. His only chance of survival is a barren wasteland on the edge of space, where his destiny waits for him...

Long-time subscribers will notice this is the exact same script I used for my very first Star Trek fan film, "The Ulysses Incident". After recent events, it became necessary to remake that original film, and rename the ship (this time an Excelsior class instead of a Miranda class) from Ulysses to Midway. Eagle-eyed viewers will note that the missing nacelle keeps swapping sides, and that was a mistake I wish I could have corrected, but it was made early on, and by the time I noticed it was too late.

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