10 SUGARY FOODS // foods with MORE ADDED SUGAR than you think

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Are you struggling with sugar and want to reduce your sugar intake? In this video, I share 10 sugary foods that have more added and hidden sugar than you think.

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Hi! I'm a holistic nutritionist with an applied science background. In my 20s I used to be addicted to sugar and struggled with fighting sugar cravings all the time. After learning more about nutrition and understanding how food companies work, I realized how much added sugar was hidden in many processed foods. It's almost in all processed foods so it is important to learn to read the labels.

I'm going to go through 10 sugary foods and talk about the amount of sugar they have and I will also discuss healthy alternatives.

Reducing your sugar intake is one of the first steps towards eating a healthier diet and I think it's great that you're watching this video to take a step in the right direction. Let me know in the comment box below what your experience has been with reducing your sugar intake and if you have an tips or hacks to share 😀.

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If you have any tips to share, let me know in the comments below! Thanks for sharing :).

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To good health!



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