Sounds of the South African Highveld - Zinnshoek Wildlife Reserve

05 Jul 2018 01:05:01 1
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Filmed and recorded on location during sunset at a watering hole in the Zinnshoek Wildlife Reserve, this clip has an array of bird and animal sounds, including wagtails, pipits, longclaws, buntings, finches, canaries, siskins, old world sparrows, weavers, waxbills, wattle-eyes, batises, vangas, helmetshrike, nicators, larks, swallows, fairy flycatchers, tits, penduline-tits, bulbuls, african warblers, leaf warblers, reed warblers, grassbirds, cisticolas, sylviid warblers, white-eyes laughingthrushes, sugarbirds, hyliotas, old world flycatchers, thrushes, starlings, oxpeckers, and sunbirds

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