WHO: How to give a safe injection?

27 Jul 2017 05:03 62
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All of us, at some point in our lives, will have an injection to retain or restore good health. But sometimes injections that are intended to promote health do the opposite. This happens when they are given in an unsafe way - using the same needle or syringe to give injections to more than one person. Practices like this can lead to the transmission of life-threatening infections.
The training of health care workers on the right way to deliver therapeutic or medical injections is vital and should provide information on the different types of safety engineered syringes including syringes with reuse prevention (RUP) and sharp injury protection (SIP) features. Education is also necessary to explain the steps involve in giving a safe injection.

This WHO video outlines the 5 different types of safety engineered syringes and the 7 steps to giving a safe injection. It can be used in any health care education and training sessions.

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