The Chase

03 Jun 2007 10:01 2
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A silent film about a guy who needs money for an iPod and after being denied money to buy one, he decides to steal his friend's wallet.

This was a school project I had this year around April of 2007 that started off as a random idea I had the summer before. Originally, the cast were supposed to be my relatives and it was supposed to be shot at Long Beach. But since it was so hard to get them together, I had to film around my central area with my friends. Which, by the way, came out better and longer than I had expected. Although much of the original screenplay was changed due to time and the legal actions we had to go through for some of the shots.

As far as the technical stuff go, I shot this with a normal miniDV camera at 29.97 fps (frames per second). If I had access to shoot 16-20 fps, I would've done that as it may given me less of a hassle. Instead I had to change frame rates in After Effects and Virtualdub. The black/white effect was done in After Effects and everything was imported onto Vegas for editing.

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