de nuke Remake Analysed

27 Feb 2016 04:01 1,581
11,064 136

de_nuke has been remade! I compare it with the old one to see if it's still the same map or if it's good.

0:18 - Changes
0:45 - Chokepoint analysis
2:17 - Framerate VS old Nuke
3:18 - Comparisons with other maps (Train and Dust2)
3:55 - Conclusion

Thanks to Welshe for helping with the contact points!

Thanks to dinosaurleafs for also helping:

Thanks to Vemi for a demonstration of the pixelwalk exploit:

Apologies that this video's out late, have been on holiday for all of this week, I got the video done but there was one small small niggle that needed fixing and I only got around to it when I returned :(

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