How I Got Into Harvard

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I explain how I got accepted to Harvard, so that hopefully it can help you with the college admissions process! Harvard graduate, Class of 2016.

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I applied to 5 dream schools, 2 reach schools, and 1 safety school. They were as follows:

***Dream: Harvard (Accepted), Stanford (Rejected), Yale (Rejected), Columbia (Wait-listed), Brown (Accepted)
***Reach: Berkeley (Accepted), University of Southern California (Accepted)
***Safety: University of Wisconsin (Accepted).... although, looking back on it... the UW is pretty hard to get into. So this was kind of an unsafe safety.

My philosophy when applying to schools was to only apply to schools that I would love to go to. Additionally, I applied for a ton of dream schools because I figured the more I applied to, the more likely I was to get into one of them.

AP Classes I took: AP English Literature, AP US History, AP US Government, AP Calculus AB

College Courses: Multivariable Calculus at Otterbein University, STEM classes at Ohio State University

Extra Classes: 3 years Spanish, 3 years Painting

*Oh! And I went to a public school in suburban Ohio! (That seems important to mention.)

GPA: 4.0 (unweighted), 4.7 (weighted)
ACT: 33 (normal), 34 (super score)
SAT: 2040 (can't remember individual breakdowns)
*I also took 2 SAT subject tests, but I can't remember which they were and what I got on them.

Extracurriculars: track (4 years), tennis (3 years), soccer (1 year high school, 10 years total), National Honors Society (2 years?), Ski Club (2 years)

Additionally--and this is a touchy subject, but I want to be honest with you--I am 1/4 black, so I identified as African American on my application. Affirmative action is in place to help people who are currently experiencing systematic discrimination OR who have historically experienced discrimination. I fall under the latter; on my father's side of the family, we are descendants of slaves. Through my family's relationship with discrimination, I have acquired a unique perspective on what it means to be black. Because I am black. Legally and personally. I can't tell someone whether or not it is the right decision for them to use affirmative action, but for me, it was. Additionally, I included pictures of my face on my application. Any admission officer who saw my application was able to weigh my choice of race against my complexion. If you dislike the decision I made, I would suggest that you listen to more people of mixed race, and try to understand the varied opinions on this topic. Next, I would advise you to direct your hate toward the system in place, not toward the people who go through that system.


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