The Rock VS. OMGitsfirefoxx: Reality Quest

15 Dec 2017 10:30 1,101
7,705 305

Watch what happens when The Rock creates a video game designed to test Rose, an introvert, and her handling of real world scenarios. Just like a real life video game. Just like The Rock’s character Spencer in Jumanji, Rose is terrified of the real world. There’s only one way to conquer her fear: find it within herself to keep going. SUBSCRIBE for more!:

This video has been sponsored by Jumanji, in theaters December 20th.

Director - Bennet Silverman
Executive Producers — Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia
Executive Producers – Dan Weinstein
Producer - Erin Lardy, Chelsea Friedland
Producer - Troy Guthrie
Writer - Jonah Feingold
Writer - Jeremy Mittleman
Production Coordinator - Panta Mosleh
Production PA - Amber Love

Production Designer - Steven Tobler
Leadman - Alex Morel
Set Dresser - Sara Ragnarok
Set Dresser - Josh Berryman

1st AD - Paul Holman
2nd AD - Amy Engle
Key PA - Toby Russ
Set PA - Darren Masters
Set PA - Brandon Bledy

DP / A Cam Op - AJ Mester
A Cam 1st AC - John Fisher
B Cam Op - Todd Kappelt
B Cam 1st AC - Darrell Nash
2nd AC - Ajiri Akpolo
DIT - Dylan Sachse
HMU Lead - Crystal Nardico
Hair/ Makeup Asst - Robyn Reebe
Hair/ Makeup Asst - Ranae Goodhew
Costume Designer - Christina Bushner
Costume Asst - Angie Bulmer
Gaffer - Jeff Marlowe
BBE - Jay Ruggieri
Key Grip - Sean McQueen
BBG - Sam Wilerson
Grip - Max Flick
Sound Mixer - Blake Christian
Craft Services - Jaraad Gordon

Post Production Services by Drama 3/4
Editor - David FIckas
Graphics - Brice Beckham
Sound Design - Nick Pierone
Dan Forcey

Visual Effects by Outpost VFX
VFX supervisor and lead compositor - Uzi Mor
VFX supervisor - David Gidali
2D design and animation - Yaron Granot
VFX producer - Tal Levitas

Stunt Coordinator - Kelly Phelan & Simon Potter

Himself - Dwayne Johnson
Rose - Sonja Reid
Rose Stunt Double - Sarah Booth
Drunk Friend 1 - Luke Jones
Drunk Friend 2 - Briana Kennedy-Coker
HBG - Justin Chavers
Beautiful Girl - Juliana DeStefano
Bald Bro 1 - David Alvarez
Bald Bro 2 - Jorge Munoz
Bald Barber 1 - Trevor Fisch
Bald Barber 2 - Jordan Okubo
Bald Patron - Hayley Murillo

Seven Bucks Digital Studios
IG: @SevenBucksDS
Twitter: @SevenBucksDS

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