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ZERO personal space, no toilet paper, VERY loud noise, and slippers all the time... moving to or visiting Spain is full of cultural shocks. These are the 10 things that shocked and surprised me in my first 6 months in this country. And as a Spaniard Yoly gives her local perspective on each of them. What’s been your experience in Spain? Let us know in the comments below!

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It’s amazing the things that surprise and shock you when you move to a new country. Often they’re very small things, but they reflect the fact that the culture is so very different to where you’re from. Below are the 10 different cultural shocks we cover in the video with links so you can jump to them.

1:42 Get ready to get up close and personal! Spaniards love physical contact… and don’t shy away from applying it liberally :)

4:04 Spaniards love a good eye-locked gaze. In this country you’ll often lock eyes with strangers, and they will hold your gaze. Something that for other cultures can be a little uncomfortable at first.

5:22 When at home its slippers on… or else. When I first moved here Yoly’s family thought I was insane for going barefoot at home. And so my introduction to constantly wearing slippers began!

7:08 In Spain our tolerance for noise is world-class. This is one noisy country - and the locals thrive on the energy created by all the noise!

9:28 Kids hang out in bars. Yep… you will see a lot of kids in bars in this country. We explain why!

11:51 Traditional bars often forget to restock the soap or the toilet paper.

12:31 If you don’t have exact change, you may be in trouble. Yes, if you’re walking around with a 100 euro note… you may not be able to use it!

14:23 We love to live in Spain in the moment in Spain! Yes, this is a country is all about spontaneity so I’ve gotten in trouble in the past for planning too much!

16:24 In this country people peel fruit that shouldn’t be peeled! Yes, people peel apples. We dive into why!

18:03 There is actually a test for pregnant women to see if they can eat jamón!!

Did we miss any? What cultural shocks have you experienced visiting or moving to Spain?

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