Best Cheap MTB Suspension Forks

16 Sep 2017 07:54 189
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In this video you get a look at some of the best cheap mountain bike suspension forks on the market. In this mountain bike suspension fork review video, I look at only at suspension forks that have air Springs, and compression and rebound damping. They are in the $200 range. If you go any cheaper than that when you were looking for the best budget mountain bike suspension forks, you won't have all of those features, and it will be a lot harder to adjust a ride to fit you. I recommend spending at least $200 on a mountain bike suspension fork if you want to have a good performance and adjustability. The mountain bike suspension forks I test in this video are the Rockshox Recon Silver and the Manitou Markhor. Both of these suspension forks work great, and the Manitou Markhor is 3/4 of a pound lighter then the Rockshox Recon Silver MTB suspension fork.

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