-29C degrees cold start LADA

05 Feb 2012 01:38 156
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It was really -29* when i tried to start engine of my lada samara(1500 ccm, solex-carburettor).

A battery was fully loaded at home yesterday, and me and my wife rided to our parents something like 20 kilometers on the streets of StPetersburg,Russia. It was 1,5 hours before we achieved parents house and i stopped engine, Jam everywhere!

And night was cold and there was 29 degrees of cold by celsius. And morning begins! At first i tryed to fully pull the choke lever and start engine. There was little rpm - motor oil was too cold and sticky, starter can`t rotate crankschaft.

At the second i turn on the light to make little load to battery, to warm it up and mix the electrolite inside.

At the third i turn on the starter and motor reluctantly maked flashes, and more and more!

Battery - 65 Ah, 5 years old

Carburettor - solex, 12 years old

Motor oil - Esso Ultra 10 w40, 8.000 km

Compression on cylinders(last summer) 9-10-10.5-10.5

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