Athenia's 3-in-1 ASMR Compilation (by request)

06 Aug 2016 23:53 0
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This video is 23+ minutes of the lovely Athenia:
Pt. 1 "ASMR - Blow Drying"
Pt. 2 "ASMR - House Sitting For Natalie" (unfiltered version)
Pt. 3 "ASMR - My First Massage Video"

It starts with Athenia wearing a towel, where she blows her hair dry then drops her towel... She couldn't possibly be any cuter! (no nudity) Part 2 shows what we couldn't show on the public version of "House Sitting For Natalie" and how cute she looks (no nudity). And for those of you who want an ASMR finish with full relaxation, Part 3 shows off her excellent ASMR massage skills! If you've been wanting to see more of the beautiful Athenia, then this video is for you! Please know that by choosing to watch, you are helping this channel to exist!

As you may know, creating these types of ASMR video takes more time than one might think! Please know that we are constantly doing our best to make ALL of our videos give you as many ASMR tingles as possible. :)

Thank you for appreciating us!

Athenia and Natalie

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