THIS is the NEW Generation! McLaren 720S First Drive

03 May 2017 27:55 899
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Let's go for a first drive in the new McLaren 720S! Taking the Super Series to a new level, the car has 720hp and 770Nm from a 4.0 litre twin twin-scroll turbocharged V8 and so much by way of trick tech that there's a lot to show you.

Let's get started with a very detailed walkaround of the aerodynamics, Monocage II, interior and a number of details that stand out to me. Next up it's time for a drive, to take the car to the roads and see what it's like.

To give a short conclusion, spoiler coming, the 720S is a game changer and by far the best car in its class. The performance is on another level and everything like the steering, suspension set-up and ride quality, gearbox and practicality works seamlessly together. Where it lacks is quite enough drama and excitement, especially when compared to the 675LT from the previous series, even thought it's faster on paper and even more so on the road.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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