3 MYSTERY RIDDLES POPULAR on Detective & Murder in United States | Who did it? | Can You Solve?

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Got what it takes to be Sherlock? Here are some detective riddles to challenge your mind. Some riddles would be easy, while some would be tough. Riddles do take some time to solve, so you can always pause the video.

Riddle 1
0:10 - A vacation on a Cruise, sounds like a good idea right?. This riddle will not only be fun, but would also exercise your mind. You will have to use some logic and experience in it. Can you be the Detective and solve this riddle?

Riddle 2
2:09 - You are quite good at solving these kind of riddles. This riddle would make you think a lot, as all the suspects look innocent. Only the most attentive ones would be able to solve it. Can you assist the cop in solving the case?

Riddle 3
3:42 - This riddle can be very tricky. It all depends on what you think. Nancy and Franco are happiest couple in town, but they can confuse you. Only a genius would solve it quickly.

Riddle 4
4:59 - This is the hardest riddle you would ever solve. You need to be a True genius to be able to solve it. This riddle would not only exercise your mind, but would also make you good at specific skills. So brace yourself for the ultimate riddle that would test your Sherlock abilities

Bonus 5 | 6
8:20 - Could not solve any riddles? You can always try the bonus riddles. These riddles are somewhat easier. You will have a lot of fun solving them.

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