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Learn how to tackle complex mass and heat transfer problems and apply the results in your own environment.

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How can you reduce the energy loss of your home? What is the underlying science of energy loss in pipes? Which heat and mass transfer problems do we have to tackle to make consumer products?

In this engineering course, you will learn about the engineering principles that play an important role in all of these and more phenomena. You will learn about microbalances, radiation, convection, diffusion and more and their applications in everyday life.

This advanced course is for engineers who want to refresh their knowledge, engineering students who are eager to learn more about heat/mass transport and for all who have fun in explaining the science of phenomena in nature.


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Microbalance and an overview of heat conduction and diffusion problems
To calculate the pressure loss over pipe and pipeline systems
The definition of convective transport of heat and mass transfer and how you can apply it
The distribution of components over immiscible phase and the importance of this distribution for many applications
The difference in flow behaviour of water and toothpaste and the reasons of this difference
The definitions of heat radiation, black and grey bodies
How to calculate the heat loss by radiation

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