12 JOHN DEERE Tractors Plow Up 11,000 Acres

03 Dec 2019 15:34 252
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In this video we take a look at 12 John Deere tractors ranging from 210 to 620 hp working on fall tillage to sub soil 11,000 acres on a Western Kentucky farm. Viewers will see this fleet of tractors on the move going down the road and working up ground. My friend Matt takes viewers on a ride in a 420 hp John Deere 9420R 4wd Tractor during the video to show what is like running with a big line up of tractors. Matt shows what it is like to run 24/7 to complete the tillage job before fall rains set in. These tractors are subsoiling 18 inches deep with John Deere 915 V-Rippers ranging from 5 to 9 shanks.

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