Why Kyrie Irving will DESTROY LEBRON JAMES and WIN THE MVP!! Celtics Champions?

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Kyrie Irving and Steph Curry can destroy LeBron James? LeBron and Lonzo Ball.
Steph Curry NBA Finals. LeBron James. Kevin Durant Finals MVP.
Warriors dirtiest team. Steph Curry vs LeBron James in the NBA Finals. NBA playoffs have been Warriors. Golden State vs Cleveland Finals Rematch. The warriors have taught us a lot of things.
What does lebron need to beat golden state?
Does he need more big men, does he need more shooters, does he need more help?
kawhis ankle bone, the only thing was the execution.
so the warriors are making history in many ways but what isn’t being mentioned is how they literally have 3 DPOY candidates on the same team.
heres the best part about kyrie irving tho. In the regular season he
we’re all busy thinking about this matchup, you sprinkle some lebron vs Durant on top of it, and we have an absolute classic on our hands. If I had to break it down I would say, game 1 will be won by the warriors, cavs will steal homecourt and win game 2, then win game 3 at home, warriors will win game 4 regaining homecourt, then warriors will win again at home, then the cavs will win 2 in a row, to close out the series. It will go 7 games, and I wanna say one more time, if this isn’t the greatest finals we’ve ever witnessed the entire nba product has turn to crap. You cant put us through the national blowout association for 2 months, then have the finals go like 5 or 6 games. We need 7 games. Minimum. We need overtimes, we need gamewinners. And back to curry, im feeling what warriors fans are feeling, unfortunately. I just don’t see him repeating a trash finals for the 3rd time in a row. Hes heard the noise, he knows the team is best with him at the one option, it’s a possibility he averages 30+, and we have to be ready for that. Lets hope kyrie and lebron keep him in check tho. So let me get your thoughts for sure. Who will win? Who will dominate? Do you see curry outplaying kyrie or kyrie outplaying curry?

and we obviously have legacy talk. Which I wont have enough to get into completely but, what will this do for lebron? Im hearing a lot of greatest of all time noise. Will this win officialy cement him as the goat? I definitely don’t think hes there yet, but listen man, theres not gonna be many arguments against him if he does pull this off. I wanna get the thoughts of everyone, especially bulls fans. All bias aside, do you think he will pass up mj or are we gonna hold him to the 6 ring standard no matter what? Hes already on track to pass up all of jordans regular season and playoff stats tho. But even then, let me know the basics, where do you rank him? do you even have him at number 2? If you have him outside the top 10 you are crazy, but I think top 5 is solidified, and if he leads every statistical category again, and has another legacy defining play like he did last year, hes the goat.
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