BMW E30 Brake Booster & Master cylinder Restoration | BMW E30 325i Sport Project S1 E3

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Tools & equpitment used:
Quartz Lacquer -
Base Coat Paint -
Rust Remover -
Moldex Full Face Mask -
FGL 5 Spray gun -
A.N.I. R150-T Mini Spray gun -
Colad Washable Overalls -
Colad Mixing Cups -
Colad TurboMix Sticks -
Colad Synthetic Paint Strainers -
Steel wire bits -
Rotary Tool -
Concentrate Degreaser -
Mannesmann Socket Set -

As mentioned in the video, this week I am restoring a part from the E30 that I have already restored. So I purchased this brake booster and master cylinder to show the process. This particular master cylinder would need serious internal work or replacing altogether. I purchased an internal seal kit but when I got in there, the second half of the assembly was well and truly stuck. So, I just got on with the aesthetic of it as I'm not actually using this on my E30. I will show the process of replacing the seals in my actual brake master cylinder in a future video.

Firstly I disassembled the booster and master cylinder. I then degreased everything before plugging any holes with Polydoh. Once sealed, I blasted them both to remove any paint and rust. With the pieces now mostly clean of rust and paint, I set about removing the rest with a rotary tool and wire wheel. I also filed a few nicks in the metal down. before etching priming and then high-build priming. I then sanded back the primer ready for base coat and lacquer. Whilst they dried, I cleaned the other small pieces with concentrated degreaser and elbow grease and trimmed the rubber hose's protection fabric.

Once they had dried it was time to reassemble. I purchased some new rubbers, o rings, and some air filter material. I placed the air filter in the gap and began added parts to the booster. Once assembled the restoration was complete.

Thanks for watching!

- Disclaimer: I am no professional. Especially when it comes to electrics. It is certainly an area I am looking to improve in. I am completely self-taught and would appreciate any feedback, advice or constructive criticism.

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