Eleven Little Roosters - Episode 1: Spy Games

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Welcome to the Rooster Corps -- a coalition of eleven spy agencies, allied in pursuit of world peace. But when one of the "little roosters" is duped into killing another, it's up to the survivors to root out an evil saboteur before they can acquire the ultimate super weapon -- and it's up to YOU to crack the case!

The successor to Rooster Teeth's Ten Little Roosters, The Eleven Little Roosters pits international assassins against each other in an original, interactive spy comedy. Sit back and enjoy a thriller with twists and turns... OR get in on the action, with mind-bending puzzles hidden in every episode that'll force you to rethink how you watch a web series. Search for clues, predict the targets, and win cool stuff!

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About Eleven Little Roosters:
The spiritual successor to Ten Little Roosters, Eleven follows the exploits of the Rooster Corps, an alliance of spy agencies that’s been infiltrated by a mole. And as our saboteur pits the assassins against each other, it’ll be up to you to decipher the clues... And uncover who will be taken out next.

Participate in the interactive side of the show: register at http://elr.roosterteeth.com ! Or submit your guess at http://roosterteeth.com/elr/selection.

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Eleven Little Roosters - Episode 1: Spy Games

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