SoundField by RØDE NT-SF1 360° Skate Experience

26 Sep 2018 00:48 6
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We took the SoundField by RØDE NT-SF1 ambisonic microphone to Maroubra Skate Park in South-East Sydney.

Move around the video by clicking and dragging and you'll experience the sound moving with it. For example, you will hear a skateboard to your left on the audio track, and you can rotate the video left to see it with the sound centering as you move.

The NT-SF1 records the entire spherical sound field. Every sound, every direction, perfectly. This means that later, in post-production, you can alter the mic directivity, position and rotation. Create a full 7.1.4 surround mix. Create a fully head-tracked 360-degree soundscape for immersive video. Whether recording opera, a swamp or a feature film, the NT-SF1 offers unparalleled quality and flexibility.

Note - For best 360 video performance please view in Google Chrome.

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