An American Perspective on Ireland

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Hello there friends and family. After being in Ireland for about 6 months. I decided to share some of my thoughts on what it is like living in Ireland as an American and what I have noticed. Thank you. Share it with all your Irish cousins...

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In total, I was there 11 months.

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EDIT *** I would like to make a comment, since I am getting so many comments about Irish people hating on merica. First off, yes I know that only a few Irish actually hate all of America and they are far and few between. Secondly, it's true that some americans give the rest of us a bad rap. Also, I just kinda get the feeling that most Irish would just yell out " I hate Trump" or "Stupid conservatives" at the drop of any mention I was american, without even asking how I was or what I was doing here in Ireland. So it's just a mental note. But overall, yeah Irish are pretty chill on the politics. Irish people may forget that America is a massive country, basically made up of 50 little countries size wize, so things are a vastly different in many ways. In the same way, as an American there were many things I didn't know about the Irish. I believe travel and experience and research are all great ways to learn about other countries and stuff. But empathy and respect go a long way. Kudos to all the insightful and thankful comments I got from Irish folk. Cheers.

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