177. Pay, Watch, Download, Create: Rose Mix Stand Up Card & Insert

02 Jun 2016 07:50 0
Ann-marie Vaux Download
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Paid Content to watch:
Click 'Show More' to see all details and get the page link for the Download, you will need the password from the demonstration to unlock the download. Tip: when you get to the password on the demonstration, pause the screen and write the code down.
This is the link you need to go to the page to download the Printables page - http://tinyurl.com/za2ga29
This creative download printable is for creating a stand-up card with matching insert, or you can use the card as a card front, 2 ways with 1 sheet and the video shows you how.
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The designs in this video belong to myself, Ann-marie Vaux as I am the artist.
No music license is required as this is a non-music or film video.
Copyright belongs to Ann-marie Vaux

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