Zero to 10K Subscribers - A Peek At Our Earnings and Analytics

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I want to talk about starting a YouTube channel with zero subscribers. In the video I discuss how we got our first thousand subscribers and how it's taken off exponentially since then. We'll take a look at our analytics and see how much money you can make on YouTube, how to get views in the very beginning, and how become suggested more often on the "what to watch" page.

The growth of our channel has been incredible, but it's neither the fastest nor the slowest I've witnessed. I think our results are very repeatable if you're just starting on YouTube. We would love to go full time, and we have a very loose plan to do that. But even if that never happens, we've consider everything so far a huge success.

UPDATE: Tim Schmoyer at helped us with a couple of corrections. Thanks TIm!

From his comment below:
1) The "recency factor" that you mentioned is 48 hours long is actually 7 days long. Unless something has recently changed that I'm not aware of (which is always very possible), you get more time than you thought, so that's good!

2) You don't actually get paid based on how many views you have. You only get paid whenever a viewer engages with an ad in some way. It sounds like splitting hairs, but the difference is that not every view is a monetized view. In fact, many of them aren't. The reason I bother to mention it is that, going along with what you were saying, most active subscribers are not the ones who are engaging with ads. You can have a lot of views and subscribers and still not make much money. You'll earn far more money from ads on searchable, evergreen content like what you guys are doing where someone searches for a solution to a problem, finds your video, and sees a targeted, relevant ad with it. They're far more likely to engage with the ad (watch it, click it, etc.) than an active subscriber who's just trying to skip so they can get to your video."

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