The Ultimate Controller Modification

20 Nov 2016 04:14 11,525
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This contraption simplifies the charging of your gaming controllers. It also extends the life of your controllers up to 16 hours! It's available for both the PS4 (PlayStation 4) and XBOX One.

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There’s nothing worse than a dead controller, especially when you’re ready to settle down for a long gaming session with friends. The Energizer Extra Life Charger for PlayStation 4 solves your controller problems and allows you to enjoy hours of uninterrupted playtime. Easily drop in and charge two wireless PS4 controllers simultaneously. Extend your play with the two included Energizer PS4 Recharge Packs. The sleek and easy-to-connect design with glowing ports to indicate charge status, along with the AC adapter for quick charger, makes the Energizer Extra Life Charger for PS4 ideal for all PS4 gamers. Grab a charged controller and join in on the fun.

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