Experiment 20: the women who defied a controversial experiment

12 Mar 2018 13:34 1
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Experiment 20 dramatises the stories of three women who took part in the psychologist Stanley Milgram's ‘Obedience to Authority’ experiments in 1962, and insisted on being heard. More than 800 people were recruited for what they were told was a study about learning and memory. The scenario they took part in urged them to inflict electric shocks on another person. This film by Kathryn Millard is the last in Guardian Australia's Present Traces series, presented by Macquarie University and linked by archive material  • Watch more from the Present Traces series • Paul Daley on Asio Makes a Movie and Present Traces 
View the video at https://www.theguardian.com/film/video/2018/mar/12/present-traces-experiment-20-video

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