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There has been a recent online buzz surrounding an announcement of a wave-park to be built in New Jersery, USA. Apparently some of the interest spark was created at the Surf Park Summit on Friday September 13th, 2013 at Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach, CA. Some reports indicate that the announcement came from John Luff and other indicating it was owner Bruce McFarland that reported AMW has been contracted to build the largest wave/swell generating pool in history. Pro Surf Blog decided to find out a little bit more about the technology behind this project. We visited American Wave Machines down in San Diego County, California to find out more about the 2013 Wave-Pool Summit in Dana Point (Salt Creek).

American Wave Machines has wave-pools already installed around the globe (Sweden, Peru, Nashua, N.H., etc.). The existing wave-pools are the "SurfStream" product (river-like waves). American Wave Machines is working on the New Jersey water-park project and is going to implement their "Perfect Swell" product design. This new wave-pool technology is designed to produce a real-surfing ocean-surfing experience. A 10-second ride / wave-length could possibly be produced, in the size pool planned in the New Jersey project. This product can vary wave production in several ways: Pattern, Shape, and Size.

There are some of the other wave-pool companies in the news these days including the Wavegarden to the Kelly Slater Wave Company.

Wave-pool momentum has been slow but building over the years. With the Fernando Aguerre and the ISA working towards a goal of adding "surfing" as a sport in the Olympics, wave-pool technology has been a key component in making the dream a reality. There are some dates on the calendar for the ISA/Olympic projections. 2024 is a date that is being tossed around.

John Luff talks about what people from the highest levels of ASP/ISA/IOC and other organizations are looking for in a wave-pool. "There needs to be 90% real ocean dynamics." John also discusses the types of wave-pool technologies on the market and how the American Wave Machines' wave-pool is unique.

Unfortunately John Luff was not giving up much information regarding the New Jersey wave-pool in this interview.

We do learn a lot about the current products and wave-pool solutions provided by American Wave Machines though. Really exciting stuff (Ocean Science).

Philip, from Pro Surf Blog, tells John Luff that we want a wave pool in Southern California.

Thanks for watching this surfing wave-pool historical update.

Guest Interview: John Luff, Business Development at American Wave Machines

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