2 Ways To 'Hack' Yourself | Vishen Lakhiani

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What does it mean to be fully aware of your consciousness? It’s not just about acknowledging that you’re alive, but it’s about going on your very own consciousness evolution journey.

In this inspiring presentation, Mindvalley CEO, Vishen Lakhiani, informs us that the main intention in life is to establish your very own stream of consciousness.

Vishen Lakhiani explains by practicing meditation, you will be able to challenge the models of reality that you were brought up in your culture related to the rules of money, success, marriage and religion.

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In this video, "2 Ways To 'Hack' Yourself,” Vishen Lakhiani walks you through the connection with your spirituality and collective consciousness.

02:01 Two things that define human beings
05:27 Alternate model
08:24 Enhanced systems
09:40 Models of reality
17:01 Reason why choosing models of reality are important
22:15 “Brules” - Bull*hit rules that we believe
27:00 Systems for living
30:48 How to hack Models & Systems

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By giving this informative talk that answers the philosophical question, “What is consciousness?” Vishen Lakhiani encourages us to continue practicing mindfulness to fulfill our very own consciousness engineering.

By challenging your models of reality, you will continue to grow as a human being and find happiness with new modes of thinking.

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