Building Your Business for 2017 Planning for next year by reflecting on last yea

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This 11/30/16 AWS training covers: Planning for next year by reflecting on last year and an interview with Jack Malaspina.

Here is a timeline to help you locate specific topics that are covered in this training. The time line is in the format of hour:minutes:seconds into the video from the beginning. It is based on the timeline when viewing the video in Youtube.

There you can see the times on the bottom of the video.
00:00:08 Kerry starts talking
00:05:45 Kerry tell us what we’re going to learn tonight
00:07:10 Disclaimer
00:08:00 Are you ready for 2017?
00:09:30 What are you going to do to make 2017 better than 2016?
00:10:05 Zig Zigler Poster on expecting to win.
00:11:35 Reflecting on the previous year – Looking back so that the view looking forward is even clearer.
00:14:15 Guidelines for reflecting on the previous year.
00:14:30 1. Be honest with yourself.
00:15:00 2. Look at the positives and negatives.
00:15:35 3. Go back over your goals and accomplishments.
00:16:00 4. Evaluate your calendars, appointments, customer base, and sales.
00:24:10 5. Evaluate your finances – know what your costs are.
00:25:35 6. Evaluate your relationships, both in business and family.
00:26:05 7. Glean all the things you need to put together.
00:27:15 Keep a positive attitude and mindset.
00:38:30 Another Zig Ziglar saying about daily motivation.
00:39:40 Kerry introduces the guest speaker Jack Malaspina.
00:42:10 Jack tells us about himself and his background.
00:43:00 Jack tells why he went with AppWizard.
00:44:20 Jack tells about his first few days selling apps.
00:45:35 Jack shares how he sells apps.
00:49:50 Jack talks about the Birthday Club.
00:51:20 Jack looks at his Square account and tells how much money he has made in 30 hours.
00:57:20 Jack talks about selling to contractors.
00:59:10 Jack talks about the importance of collecting business cards.
01:02:10 Jack talks about what you need to do to reach your financial goal.
01:05:30 Beginning of questions for Jack.
01:05:40 Question: What is his pricing structure?
01:07:20 Question: What is your approach and sales pitch for the Birthday Club?
01:15:45 Question: Do you plan to hire and train app builders and what would you pay them?
01:22:05 What’s on tap for next week’s training?
 Planning for 2017 continued.
 Special Enterprise Upgrade Deal (will be available only on training).
01:23:45 The End
Summary: In this video you learned the first step to planning for next year is evaluating this year. Kerry stressed the importance of being honest with yourself during your evaluation process. (Next week Kerry will continue training on planning for next year). The importance of having a positive attitude and mindset was also discussed.

Kerry introduced Jack Malaspina and Jack talked in great detail about his successes during his first three months with App Wizard Studio. He discussed his pricing and his approach and sales pitch.
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