How to Reset a Windows Password Through a Backdoor

24 Feb 2012 15:26 2,212
Wesley David Download
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This screencast is the video counterpart to this article of mine:!-gaining-physical-access-to-a-computer/

TechNet Link about EFS:

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Important time links:

0:11 Disclaimer. Please take heed

0:52 What this backdoor will and will not allow you to do

1:45 How this will be done

4:03 Beginning of demonstration with victim PC

6:05 Brief discussion about EFS and why this password reset could cause data loss

7:47 Continuance of demonstration with the victim PC

14:33 Wrap up

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Oh, and yes, I start sentences with the word "so" and "now" far too much. So, now, I'm going to try and stop doing that in future videos.

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