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Today for What's New Wednesday I have an Unboxing review of the new Micheal Todd Beauty SonicEraser Pro. This little bad boy is a must have in my skin care rotuine now. With 600+ Movements a minute with thermal technology it allows incredible absorption of your skincare products.

\Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Pro utilizes a next generation 3-in-1 delivery system called Triplex Infusion Technology to help the beneficial ingredients in your skincare products break through the skin's outer barrier and absorb at maximum efficiency into the stratum corneum. Get more out of your anti-aging serums and creams when you apply them with the Sonic Eraser Pro instead of your fingertips.

Triplex Infusion Technology simultaneously utilizes sonic, ionic and thermal infusion as a 3-in-1 approach to help your skincare products "get to where they need to get" in the skin to finally start working. Sonic oscillations at more 30,000 times per minute replaces outdated "tapping" technique for more evenly distributed product and provides a stimulating anti-aging massage to revive the look of tired skin for a more youthful complexion.

Ionic creates a negative flow of electrons and uses the body as a circuit. Negative electrons attract skincare products to push and pull them deeper into the epidermis. Thermal gradually warms to 107F which is the ideal temperature to gently open the pores so that they absorb more product. Ideal for all skin types.

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