GMS 2 Tutorial - Getting Started - Easy Programming in GML - GameMaker Studio 2 Tutorial

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How's it going everyone, in this GameMaker Studio 2 Tutorial series we're going to look at all aspects of being a solo indie dev. We're going to learn how to program using GameMaker Language(GML), how to make your own sprites, animations, sound effects, background music, tilesets, and basically everything related to making a game as a one person game studio. We're going to do all of this, one small step at a time, by learning one thing at a time. Eventually after making several simple (and probably crappy) games, we're going to try to make a game we can sell to make money. This should be a long running series and I'll try to make these tutorials modular, so if you miss one of these tutorials you won't be completely lost on the next few tutorials. I'm designing these tutorials to tackle a few simple things in each video (or maybe one big thing) so that you can hop around the playlist to freshen up on something you forgot how (or never learned) how to do, if you get stuck. I hope you enjoy the GMS2 Tutorial series.

In this particular video we go over some basics on how to get the application, start a new project, how to make a simple sprite that has 8 frames of animation, edit the starting room to work in standard high definition (HD), 1280x720. We learn how to make an object that the player can control with WASD keys to move around, how to manipulate the size of the object, how to add the object to the room, and a brief intro to the new layer system in GMS2. We also talk about naming conventions and several good information you might want to know when getting started. --- Get GMS2 for free right here! :)

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