Cirrus SR22 - Inside a Real Emergency Over Illinois - Electrical Failure

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After Oshkosh 2018, Miss Grace needed some repairs. A Cirrus Center at Chicago Executive airport changed the starter adapter, the faulty EGT probe and the battery, plus adjusted the prop governor and did an oil change as well.

As you will see many compound issues led to me declaring an emergency about 40 minutes South of Chicago.

The suspicion of a very serious electrical problem was very vivid in my mind and it turned out to be a very true situation that I'm glad I got myself out of.

What would you do in this situation? Would you have continued the flight with only Alternator 2? Would you not declare an emergency? Share your opinion.

Special thanks to ATC for their great help and the nice people at Danville airport for going out of their way to help out as much as they could.

Also, I need to mention how incredibly supportive Cirrus has been for me and Miss Grace while dealing with this issue. I cannot thank Cirrus Aircraft enough for being there and giving me access to their top engineers.

Thank you for watching!

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