National University of Ireland Galway Aerial Footage 4K Video (2160p)

12 Nov 2016 02:38 11
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Ariel footage of the National University of Ireland in Galway taken Oct 30th 2016. It shows the main Quadrangle building in all of it's autumn glory and how the university sits at the heart of Galway City along with Galway Cathedral that can be seen in the final shot.

The large campus of the University College Hospital Galway can be seen to the rear left of the Quad with the main campus of the university seen running up along the north bank of the Corrib river.

For the best playback quality on a PC, recommend viewing in Google Chrome rather than Internet Explorer.

Audio track is John William's excellent theme music to the original Jurassic Park movie.
Video footage was taken using a DJI Phantom 4 drone recording 2160p (UHD) video at 24fps and is copyright of the producer of this video.

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