Transitioning To College with a Disability

13 May 2014 04:43 19
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College can be a challenging undertaking. Unfortunately, some students believe their disability is an insurmountable obstacle that will lessen their odds of achieving success at the college or university level. Some even feel their disability will detract from the overall collegiate experience. The Disability Services Office at NC State University has produced an informational DVD to put common misconceptions like those to rest. The five minute closed captioned video features two students with learning disabilities It explains how accommodations can be different in college compared to what students have in high school. It describes how one discloses a disability at the college level including the importance of knowing what the disability is, how it impacts the student, and what accommodations have worked well in the past. Additionally it stresses the importance of long term planning, online searching, and on campus visits. Preparing students with disabilities for postsecondary education is a significant endeavor. We produced this video to aid you with that process.

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