Libations and Conversations 2 #areyousinglesingle #themanshortagemyth #relationshipPTSD

17 Mar 2019 28:04 2
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Moderators Quincy (@bigg.Q) and Lynn (@iamjourneytobeme) take on “Relationship PTSD”, “Are you ‘single, single’?” and “The man shortage myth” with their panel guests John (@freezecicle) and Chelsea (@theedonnamarie).
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Remember, strive to be better today than you were yesterday and for tomorrow work on being better than you were today. Life is all about the lessons so make sure you are learning! Your life has been your own personal journey but the experiences you have along the way (whether they be good or bad) help make you into the "Me" you were destined to be. Thanks for watching and listening. 😊

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