How to Determine Right-of-Way...and When to Go :: SS #57

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BASIC ROAD RULES & RIGHT-OF-WAY - watch the video! The basic right-of-way rules at 2-way STOP signs is straight through traffic over turning traffic. And right turning traffic has the right-of-way over left turning traffic. AT 4-way STOPS, the first to arrive has the right-of-way, but if unsure give the right-of-way to the vehicle on the right. As you become accustomed to 4-way STOPS you'll learn that the alternative lanes of traffic take turns and alternate when proceeding.

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There are some fundamental rules about right-of-way, but in addition there is the culture of driving, which can make this task difficult. The right-of-way is always given, it is never taken. In other words, if another driver wants to go first, you must give him/her the right-of-way or risk a crash. Tomorrow we're talking about right-of-way and staying safe to both pass a road test and remain crash free.

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