Andy Shauf - "Living Room" (Full Album Stream)

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"Living Room" by Andy Shauf from the album 'The Neon Skyline,' available now
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Claire stands beside us, she is ordering a drink, she says hello to us.
Charlie says hi and asks about her boy, she says he’s fine and there’s a pause.
She says, “It’s funny that you ask, today I had a strange experience. I remembered once when I was a girl my father came home late from work. I'd drawn a picture for him in school that day and I wanted to show him.
He said, ‘Go show it to your mother dear.’ But I’d drawn it just for him - just for him. Anyways, today my son came home from school and he had drawn a picture. But I was so tired from work, I told him I would have a look in a little while. I should have hung it on the fridge for him. I mean how hard is it to give a shit?”
Claire walked away and Charlie looked at me with wide eyes, like we had accidentally walked into some stranger's living room.

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