Splatoon 2 - Custom Jet Squelcher + Musselforge Fitness = GOOD

29 Jun 2018 06:15 17
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Some simple math for all of you aspiring players out there. I am a changed squid.

The Custom Jet Squelcher easily reaches the middle of the map and dishes out crazy damage to opponents that stand in your way. Don't be afraid to go to that piece of land high up that the snipers like to use. You have a lot of range. Use it to your advantage! Musselforge is also built really well for Jet Squelcher players to be able to ink it thanks to the long hallways that it boasts. Take a stand on either the left (or the right) and go crazy. Hooray!

I failed to mention that the Squeezer does have similar range to the Jet. Whoops!

In other news, I think I finally know how to fix my audio issues. I just have to yell at the mic instead of sitting away from it! :')

As always, thanks for watching! :D

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