Now Learn ABG in 2 hours. Video Details of ABG. Dr. Anup, MD Teaches

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Arterial Blood Gas or ABG analysis is a challange for many. Now you can learn this comlex topic in just two hours. This is the second of the two one hour videos. First one is called 'Essentials of ABG".

These videos are based on the American bestseller since 1996 on the same topic by Dr. Anup, MD

This video explains as to how to interpret blood gases step by step without using a pen, paper, graph or calculator. This video deals with simple and mixed disorders and also explains how to see if a given blood gas reprot is correct.The topics include Respiratory Acidosis, Respiratory Alkalosis, Metabolic Acidosis, Metabolic alkalosis, anion gap acidosis, non-anion gap acidosis. it also explains what is meant by 'Darlings Are Important" a pneumonic first reproted by this book. D for diabetes, A for alchohol, R for renal failure, L for lactic acidosis and the list goes on and on....!!

With these two one hous videos you can learn blood gases in just two hours. Thousands have done it through the book over the past 13 years now you do it in two hours through these videos.

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