KNFB Reader Just Launched V. 3.0 for iOS

11 May 2018 00:30 2
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KNFB Reader has huge changes in version 3.0 for iOS. Check them out here! Changes include enhanced usability, easier navigation, text highlighting for low-vision or reading-disabled users and much more. Visit to learn more or purchase.

The voice over reads:
KNFB Reader gives you access to print anytime, anywhere. Aim your phone at the text you want to read. Your phone gives you verbal cues to help you align your camera. Snap a photo, and KNFB Reader instantly reads the text aloud. You can also capture pages of a large document, like a book, for reading. Customize KNFB Reader’s many settings to your preferences.

The visuals show KNFB Reader scanning and highlighting a magazine article, a coffee shop menu, a book, accessing cloud-based files, and customizing your settings.

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