Sesame Street: Wild Words and Outdoor Adventures

16 Mar 2011 01:20 26
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Trailer for the DVD "Wild Words and Outdoor Adventures", launching April 1st, 2011. Available at:

These words are wild! Join your Sesame Street friends and special guests for outdoor adventures full of rich science vocabulary. Jimmy Fallon swoops in as Wild Nature Survivor Guy, but will he be able to survive in the wilds of Sesame Street? Kids will also have fun playing along with Elmo in Camouflage Carla's "Camouflage Challenge," a game that's a race against time! In another adventure, Freddy Flapman (Lin-Manuel Miranda) convinces Big Bird to move to a new habitat - but will he really leave Sesame Street? And finally, a porridge shortage on Sesame Street causes the 3 Bears to hibernate. Will Telly have to wait an entire winter to play with Baby Bear? Debra Messing, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Meredith Viera and other celebrities join the wild word fun!

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