Reviving Ancient Mastery

25 Jul 2017 01:48:50 2
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For thousands of years, our ancestors held the keys to producing longevity within themselves. Ancient secrets that revealed the spiritual road maps to our capabilities as expansive creators. These secrets of masterful techniques will be revealed as Brad Johnson shares his research and personal intuitive knowledge on how re-versioned methods of ancient mastery can be made available to you and how they can be applied into your daily life.
Learn about ancient longevity systems involving postures, chants, symbols and the focus-created thought forms to revitalize your body and mind.

Discover the ways of alchemy to invite mind purification and rejuvenated daily energy to take effect.

Find out more about elixirs and structures that can assist in expanding consciousness and opening the gateways to the immortal etheric/rainbow body.

Q&A will be available with both Brad Johnson and Adronis via the channeling state.

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