Majestic Journeys: Peaks of the Heavens

31 Aug 2016 53:12 1
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"Peaks of the Heavens" explores the top of the world high upon mountain peaks, just beneath the clouds. Visit the white-topped peaks of Mont-Blanc in France; the lakes surrounding the towering crests of the Lofoten Islands in Norway; and the colorful cliffside homes of Santorini, Greece. You'll also see the Canary Islands; Dachstein, Austria; Geiranger Fjord, Norway; Table Mountain, South Africa; Koenigsee, Germany; Chilcat, Alaska; Meteores, Greece; Pyrenees, France; Bricksdal, Norway; Vanoise National Park, France; Dolomiti, Italy; Alps, Switzerland; and Atlas, Morrocco.

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