AI Nightmare Official Trailer - Long Version

29 Sep 2017 01:52 7
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Lindero Edutainment is proud to announce the debut of AI Nightmare, the 3D 360° Virtual Reality Sci-Fi Fantasy Movie.

AI Nightmare presents an incredible journey, allowing you to step into the middle of the movie’s action in an immersive and interactive experience unlike any before!

Abducted by futuristic AI robots, you race against the clock to solve a cryptic message and prevent Earth's coming destruction by your robotic kidnappers — only to question if what you experienced was actually just an unbelievable nightmare. 

The narrative expresses a deeper question of how far can AI technology advance before it becomes an invasive domineering force in today's modern world.

Oculus Founder, Palmer Luckey, has previewed and given an exclusive interview on the subject.

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