Disney Movie Scenes With Secret Messed Up Meanings

10 Aug 2019 11:09 1,341
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These Disney Moments Took It Too Far...
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Disney movies are pretty much synonymous with childhood. Introducing children to their first big-screen Disney flick is pretty much a rite of passage. Yet, there have always been whispers that Disney movies aren’t exactly what they seem. Embedded in them are scenes that are definitely not for general audiences. In this video, we’re looking at some choice examples of some of the adult content Disney’s baked into their kiddie-friendly films. From a double entendre in Frozen to a reference to a horror film in Toy Story, and from some questionable dinner choices in The Little Mermaid to a suspiciously drawn bruise in Hercules, there are many examples of Disney hiding easter eggs with messed up meanings in their movies. These blink and you’ll miss them examples may not be obvious on your first watch, but once you notice them there’s no going back. So push the play button with caution.

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