*Rare* RAF A400M Takeoff at Prestwick Airport

03 Jul 2015 03:16 9
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Hi all, On Thursday 2nd July 2015 Prestwick got its Second Visit from the Royal Air Forces New A400M. I sadly missed the arrival after a full trip to Edinburgh they day before and needing sleep. It was nice to see an A400M for the first time. As the A400M Taxied by it sounded brilliant as the Props span along with the way they look when they do this. The Takeoff was very short and sweet. loud and of Runway 30 quickly. The A400M is to be back into Prestwick again very soon so expect more of it soon onto the channel.

1. Royal Air Force (RAF) A400M - ZM402

Camcorder: Panasonic HC-V750EB-K
Tripod: Velbon DV-7000
Microphone: Rode Video Mic Pro (With Wind Shield)

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