CHASE GETS STITCHES!! Emergency Room Visit / Crash Board Game & More (FUNnel Vision Vlog)

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Chase & Dad were running around the house this past week playing and Chase wasn't paying attention where he was going and ran right into our countertop cabinets. It was really scary because he fell so hard to the floor and started screaming, then we noticed a pretty large sized hole in his head. We thought it was going to be worse than it was but luckily the doctors said the wound wasn't serious at all so they patched him up and he was good to go shortly after arriving at the emergency room. 7 days later, he got the stitches out, both parts are in this video. We also put some other footage in here too like Crash Board Game gameplay by TRENDS. Mike vs. Weeds, Uh-Oh Instructions & our old house has a Magic Elevator? ;)

Note: we have lots of videos still waiting to be edited from over the Summer with Chase before getting hurt so don't get confused if you see him without a mark on his head, we are trying to get caught up with the footage.


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